frequently. asked. questions.

Q. how does this work?

A. After you book your session with me, we’ll collaborate via email or in person so i can get an idea of what kind of photoshoot you’re looking for, as well as get a feel for  what you envision. There’s no limit to how many times or how long we communicate!

On the day of the shoot, we’ll meet at the location you’ve chosen and get to work. Don’t worry- it won’t all be business. I’m fun, super laid back, and hardly take myself seriously {yet still professional}. I like to get a feel for my clients and their personalities! My main objective is making sure you’re comfortable and feeling relaxed- that makes for the best pictures! 

Afterwards, i’ll come home and start working on post processing and editing your photos. I’ll upload them to your own private proofing gallery, where they will be hosted for up to two weeks. from there you can decide which photos you want printed and/or digitally archived.

Q. why should i choose "k"? are you really affordable?

A. The truth is, beautiful images of take a lot of time and effort. When you hire me, you aren’t just paying for the time we spend together on location. Each session fee covers: secured date for session, consultation via phone/email, photographer's travel time and fuel, photographer's time and talent spent capturing your memories, extensive editing and processing time of your photos, and showcasing final images in a private gallery within two weeks of your shoot.  

Unlike other photographers, I’m incredibly flexible! During our session, you are allowed to change outfits as many times as our time allows. Same goes for locations. Have we worn out all possibilities here in this area? Let’s head to another neaerby spot for a change of pace! I believe in giving you a wonderful keepsake of your memories! The greater the variety, the better! And there’s no limit to 
how many people can be in the session. Big families or small- I love it!

It’s my philosophy that these are your memories and I want to capture them just as they are. I take pride in my work and take my job very seriously. It is my hope that my session fees and product prices are fair to clients along with ensuring I, the photographer,can afford to keep my equipment and technology up-to-date and relevant. I also would like to be able to offer discounts and promotions.

Another thing that sets me apart is that some photographers limit how many photos you can receive on your USB drive, whereas I don’t. The USB drive is one flat rate, regardless of how many photos are on it. There’s no reason to limit how many shots you canhave when you more than likely want them all. A one-hour session yields 80+ photos for you to choose from. Though not always typical, this is the average.

Lastly, this is your photoshoot. While I have ideas, tips, and preferences, I am here to make you happy. I’m not satisfied until you are. I encourage you to  speak up whenever you feel led and say what is on your mind. Do you hate this pose? Do you want a specific edit? Are you just not feeling the location? Let me know!

Q. what should i wear?

A. I can't stress it enough... be COMFORTABLE! More than likely, we'll be moving around and wardrobe malfunctions can be quite uncomfortable. Also, there's a good chance at some action shots {ie: running, jumping, walking, etc} so keep that in mind as well. Bold designs, writing, or complicated patterns distract the eye so I suggest limiting those. I'd suggest solid, bold colors and coordinating rather than matching. Wear your hair and makeup as normal. I'll even double check your teeth for green things and food bits! :D

Q. we live in the PNW... what if it rains?

ah the glorious pnw weather! can't live with it, can't live without it! of course, if conditions aren't ideal then we will reschedule at no additional cost. mother nature sometimes just has to have her way!

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